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Posted: Monday, May 12, 2014 8:50 AM

Just how does one calculate the cost of these mammals running uncontrolled in your ceiling or under your floor. There is the fear factor which I believe is substantiated as there is clear evidence that rats gnawed a child’s toe off somewhere in Africa.

The cost of garments that are chewed up for nesting and is torn is incalcuble, for the rats and mice who make their nests with your $200 Dollar dress it’s a bargain! So as the rat and mouse colonies grew they find nest building supplies all ready and waiting.

Tame and wild rats they both can carry many types of diseases that are transmitted to humans, wild rats present a greater danger since their environment is not controlled. Domestic rats purchased from a responsible source, who monitors their rats closely and tests for diseases, pose less of a threat than those from an unknown source or in the wild. Either way,

it's important to be aware of the potential risk of diseases carried by rats, since the Humane Society of the United States notes that, aside from mosquitoes, rats carry more diseases that can be transmitted to humans than almost any other living thing.

These diseases include Leptospirosis or Weil’s Disease, Rat-Bite Fever As the name implies, rat-bite fever is typically spread when a rat bites a person. Scratches and contact with rat urine and feces can also expose you to rat-bite fever.

Bubonic plague this horrific disease is spread to humans from rats by fleas. It's present in rodents throughout the western United States, and in many other parts of the world. Bubonic plague is usually fatal within a few days of infection. Like smallpox, it can spread and kill large numbers of people very quickly.

Salmonella Mice and rats are both frequent carriers. This infection spreads to humans by contact with invisible mouse droppings and urine, especially through consumption of contaminated food.

Tapeworms Rats host small tapeworms of the genus Hymenolepis that can spread to humans eating foods contaminated with rat droppings (or when hands are merely dirtied by droppings and not washed before meals). These parasites hatch out in the gut where they grow and reproduce.
Ways rats transmit disease to humans:

• By infecting human food with droppings;
• By infecting human food with urine;
• By infecting skin wounds with urine;
• Indirectly, by blood-sucking insects;
• Indirectly, by mites;
• Indirectly, by means of cats and dogs;
• By a dead rat in a water source drunk by humans.

There is no justification of living with rats or mice as they invaded our privacy endanger our health and destroy our garments.
Rats are mammals that reproduce at an alarming rate and in some African countries rats outnumber the humans! In India that is a done fact those humans are outnumbered by far.

So is there room for reconsideration, one may ask, just how much consideration one should allow seen against the background of this article, then the conclusion is really simple!

Eradicate without exception, I am afraid there is more to eradication than meet the eye. We all have a responsibility towards our country’s ecology and reckless and unplanned behaviour can damage our ecology.

This damage can occur with rat and mouse poisons that more than kill the rats and mice but also affect owls, vulture birds, cats and dogs that eat the carcass meat. If a dead rat fall in a water pond that pond will also become toxic so as one can see the whole eco system is affected and the damage can be far worse than killing just one rat!

The obvious rat growth control can now be controlled with a properly tested product that is non toxic, environmentally friendly and biodegradable, and is not habit forming.

The carcass meat totally non toxic and safe and cats, dogs, owls and vulture birds can eat the carcass meat, zero-vermin did end the invasion!

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