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New York Short Sale Specialists

Free New York Short Sale Expert Realtor assistance to home owners in hardship.

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Do you owe more on your home than it's worth and are in a position where you must get it sold? If so, we may have the solution for you. We are a network of NY Short Sale Realtors offering free New York short sale real estate help. We will walk you through the entire short sale process, helping you avoid foreclosure!

  • You do NOT have to be in default on your mortgage or even behind in payments to qualify for a short sale in most cases.
  • We are a licensed real estate brokerage company, not investors trying to steal your home or buy it ourselves. Beware of investors!
  • A short sale costs you nothing! Your lender pays all of our fees as well as the closings costs in a short sale.
  • We will work with your lender to secure a release from the debt at closing, regardless of what you owe!

If you are in a financial hardship, our agents will work with your lender to negotiate a low payoff amount, releasing you of the debt. The average cost to the lender to go through foreclosure proceedings is around $58,000. The Short Sale process is to your advantage as well as their's, so your lender would be more than happy should you choose that route.

Your finances are nothing to play around with! Choose a Realtor with the knowledge and expertise needed to complete a successful short sale. We have experience with literally thousands of short sales. For a free, confidential, no obligation consultation with a local Short Sale Specialist, contact us today!

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Get $3,000 BACK with a Short Sale! Click Here!

The HAFA (Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives) program went into effect on April 5, 2010. This plan offers up to $3,000 BACK to homeowners after completing the short sale process. This incentive is to help cover relocation costs.


We Will Short Sale Your New York Home For FREE!

With Short Sale Specialists all over the state of New York, we will place you with an agent that fits your needs! Not only do you need an experienced agent with great knowledge of short sales, but you also need someone who will understand your wants and needs throughout the whole process. We do not allow our agents to charge ANY fees to borrowers. We are paid by the bank; you pay us NOTHING!

Financial incentives were recently announced by the Obama Administration as well as a Uniform Process for Short Sales. This is great news for homeowners across the country and is especially good news to those in a hardship needing to get their home sold to avoid foreclosure. If a borrower does not qualify for a loan modification on a permanent basis under the Making Home Affordable Loan Modification Program (HAMP), they can consider a short sale or a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure.

Like a foreclosure, a deed in lieu of foreclosure has a more drastic negative impact on one's credit. It does not release the homeowner from receiving a deficiency judgement after the sale of the home. A homeowner in many cases is still completely liable for the deficiency in a Deed-in-Lieu of foreclosure. In the short sale process, our agents work with your lender to get a FULL release and forgiveness of your debt secured at closing. A deed in lieu of foreclosure is also noted as such on a borrowers credit and is a permanent scar on there. This should not be an option as well in most cases!

Our Short Sale Experts Serve All of New York!

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A Short sale is not always the best solution to every situation. First Coast Realty Associates is not a law firm, we are a licensed FL Real Estate Brokerage Company. Please seek legal representation in all legal matters, as we are not a lawyers.This advertisement is meant for general purposes, and does not guarantee anything.

Call (877)737-4903 to discuss options and to see if you qualify!

In order to streamline the short sale process and also offer incentives to borrowers for completing a short sale, our government but the HAFA program into effect on April 5th, 2010. The HAFA program allows a borrower to recieve $3,000 back at closing for the completion of a short sale.


  • The program went into effect April 5, 2010.
  • The homeowner's financial information is processed through HAMP.
  • This program only applies to 1st Lien Holders, non-GSE Mortgages.
  • It gives financial incentives to borrowers, servicers, and investors.
  • The program limits the lender's response time.
  • It forces lenders to give up their right to pursue a judgement on the loan.
  • Claims made by junior/subordinate lenders are limited.

Key Components

  • The lender waives the right to pursue deficiency judgement.
  • The borrower should never be charged by the servicer.
  • The servicer is required to review the title.
  • The servicer is required to determine the property value.
  • The servicer must inform the borrower of a short sale or deed-in-lieu as alternatives to foreclosure.
  • The servicer cannot change the previously agreed upon real estate commission as a condition for short sale approval. The commission cannot exceed 6% but could possibly be negotiated if there are multiple loans.
  • The property MUST be listed with a licensed real estate professional.


All of the following criteria must be met for the loan to qualify:

  • Must be homeowner's primary residence.
  • The loan is the first mortgage.
  • The borrow is in a hardship causing default on the loan either now or in the near future.
  • The loan must have originated before January 1, 2009.
  • The mortgage payment per month must be more than 31% of the borrower's gross income.
  • The unpaid balance must be less than or equal to $729,750.

Procedures & Deadlines

Any HAMP eligible borrower must be considered by servicers for the HAFA program within 30 days from the date the borrower:

  • Is unable to qualify for the loan modification trial period plan.
  • Is unsuccessful in completing the loan modification trial period plan.
  • Is in default on HAMP modification due to missing two or more consecutive payments.
  • Attempts a short sale or deed-in-lieu.

The servicer must attempt to inform the homeowner in writing that a short sale or deed-in-lieu are possible alternatives to foreclosure. After the borrower has been informed, he then has 14 to state his interest in these alternatives to the servicer. If the servicer is not contact by the borrower within 14 days, the servicer has no obligation to extend the HAFA offer.

The servicer will issue these two documents:

  • The servicer can either wait for a request from the borrower to send these documents, or send them proactively.
  • The borrower has 14 days to sign and return the SSA after it is issued. The borrower sends with this their real estate listing agreement and information on any junior/subordinate liens.
  • After an offer is made on the home, the borrower or broker has three days to send a completed RASS to the servicer.
  • The servicer then has 10 days to accept or deny the short sale request (RASS).

Benefits & Incentives

  • $3,000 is given to the borrower to assist with relocation. This will be deducted at closing from the proceeds of the sale of the home.
  • The servicer must pay all out-of-pocket expenses. The borrower should not be charged any fees at all.
  • Servicers receive $1,000 for the processing and administration fees.
  • One dollar for every three dollars spent to release junior liens is reimbursed to the investor, up to 6%. This amount is capped at $6,000.
  • Depending on the lender, additional incentives may be available.

Reasons for Cancellation

  • Borrower's financial situation improves drastically.
  • Any fraud or misrepresentation takes place in the sale.
  • The listing broker or borrower does not act in good faith in the listing, marketing, or closing aspect of the sale.
  • Any litigation takes place that could affect the title, such as divorce or probate.
  • Substantial change in the property’s value or condition.
  • Homeowner files bankruptcy.

HAFA Program

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Need a New York Distressed Property Expert Certified in short sales to offer free Chase short sale services? Our NY Distressed Property Expert Certified real estate agents are here to help, and are Certified or training in the New York Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives, or New York HAFA Government short sale program. Contact a New York Equator certified short sale realtor to help process your Bank of America short sale with the Equator system as well as your Chase or Wells Fargo short sale in New York.

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