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Posted: Sunday, August 30, 2015 2:41 AM


Hello. Gentleman .Come to see me I will help you be happy person in life with true love ! --------------------------Massage is our specialty , and we guarantee results anyd lots of benefits from your first visit, you will be wanting to reschedule for further sessions.
we guarantee you will be back .

-----------------------------------This is honest service - Never rush ! Choose the best massage you'll believe it How true. When you don't love and give up life with unhappy mean you too greedy cant face to your lost and not brave enough !! -------------------------------------------Love your life even was hard and you will more appreciated what's do we have ! --------------------------------------------I have ability help you be a happy person ! why you can't find your true love .--------------------------------------------------Read blow I will tell you why ??? I promise. I can !!! -------------------------------------How to be a happy person ? ------ A Smart and happy person thinks life is fair--everyone has good and bad luck.---------------------------------------------- A happy person is not jealous of others' success -- --------------the greatest succss in life is to help people improve the world share what's good, be happy and make others happy too----------------------------------------------- -- this is the goal of a great man or woman! There is too much greed and selfishness in the world and too many people just use others - we need to change this. -----------------They know that a beautiful life comes from people doing mostly good (only playing a little bad!) without hurting anyone -------------------------------------------------------------------------------A happy person never needs others pity. Trust fate,love and respect life, always be independent...and if you want to return ,then don`t help others ! -----------------------------------------------A happy person is not afraid of problems because that's life -- to solve problems without ever giving up; ---------------------------The ultimate indulgence is to enjoy art and beauty of life---- -life without love is just survival ., ----------------------------------------- A happy person never depends on others for their happiness. My feeling: Everyone is selfish but has a conscience- life is so splendid and full- A happy person understands that life is like a play --------------------------------------------------------------- there is joy and sadness, illusion and reality. We are the directors in the play we create while watching the world around us though the windows of life -- laughing, crying and being moved all the time!----------------------------------------- A happy person is not afraid of problems because that's life -- to solve problems without ever giving up; -----------------------------------------------------A happy person is kind because we all want be loved. ----------------------------------------A Happy people are forever thankful for the lovers, family and friends in their lives! -----------------------------------------------------------A happy person is a free spirit and sets friends' hearts free with all the best wishes -- to be free is the dream of our life! ---------------------------------------------------A happy person will not be lost in sadness waiting for the ideal lover who never comes. --------------------------------------------------A happy person knows when to work and when to play and is never a slave of work, money or desire. Happy Life= work =enjoy life of love .--------------------------------------------------A happy person's happiness comes not from degenerate thinking.A life respected is a worthy life. Never under estimate who you are!----------------------------------------------- A happy person is honest with him/herself, family and friends. Always thinking about others while taking care of number one. Always bringing joy to those around him or her. ------------------------------------------------A happy person will not be sad just because of what's wrong with the world.---------------------------------------------------------- A happy person is not a loser who suffers through life without a real friend -- living alone in a wasteland. -------------------------------------------------------------The unhappy person often makes mistakes in haste. It is often too late to regret! Before making a decision, ----------------------------------------------a happy person will ask God and himself: Am I asking for more than I deserve? The answer will always be: "No ". ---------------------------------------------------------Many things in life start from nothing, become something and go back to nothing!--the journey is more important than the destination------------------------------------ Many things are relative. You can be eccentric - human nature has 2 parts-civilized and animalistic. Where there is life, there is conflict, even among animals.-------------------------------------------------------- feeling and love are like the four seasons - always changing ! -----------------------------------Life and Love are a matter of give and take, like any good enterprise ,Love and compassion in life is so powerful and important!---------------------------------------------------------------------no beauty/no night no day /no sloth no diligence/ no high no low/ /no angel no devil /no oppression / no revolt / no evil no justice/no war no peace/no hero no coward/no failure no success /no bad no good /no life no death...but we are living in the middle...not heaven not hell... --------------------------------When you trust and give your love ,you `ll feel a rush of emotion.---------------------------------------------- A happy person knows he or she has limits ----------------------------------------------------If u can`t change others who wont be changed,then change yourself . -------------------------------------------------We can only depend on our consciences, -------------------------------------------Don`t fool people into giving you whole heart if you just want play with them. when you play without love and conscience, one day life will make a fool of you.-------------------------------------------------------------- many people rich and have power But they cant find the love ,they think they are deserve". ----------why do some people prefer drugs and sexual thrill to finding just one lover? Because changing habits leads to unhappiness ! ------------------------------------------Happy people who can real enjoy love - they don`t care about winning and losing in the end. Don't expect to take things from others, you should think how much you can give! ------------------------------------------many people in the world - ask:"why ???... How can I find only one love in such a big world? ---------------------------------A good person is easy to find but a Dream lover is so much harder ! -----------------------------------------------people always gravitate towards power,money and fame-This is a kind of love. a beautiful or a powerful dream/ Dream is just a "dream " -----------------------------------------------------------------------men`s needs or Love are very different from women`s, --Trust love, and you can be part of Love's story,Eternal love can be attained by Perseverance and faith-The happiest life is sharing a simple love together------------------------------------------------All dreams in the end are just for happiness !------------------------------------------ You are only important in the eyes of your lover!- because our life are from a egg and a sperm-we are life are very ,Don`t be too ... ---------------------------------------------------------men's power come from women and women's power come from men too --------in the end ,the love you give is equal to the love you get - that`s True Life ! --------------------------------------------------- sadness comes when people can't give up their demands out of pride. To be happy from love is the reason to live on. --------------------------------------------Happiness is just in your mind -it is free ! You get what you pay for- the best value ! In or out serious calls only. - ------------------------------------BEST BODYWORK IS THE BEST -------------------------------------------What is a modern massage technician? -------------------------------She has worked in the highest-class of spas. -----------------------------------------------She has inner and outer beauty. -------She is graceful and confident. Her skill is unique. ---take note: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------this is a service only for noble people of leisure( No Full service and oral ) ( No questions ask without I only give my address and answer questions for sure appointments.) My name is Lindamai.certified massage therapist from HongKong. .------------------------------------------------------------------I am a free spirit in Midtown east Manhattan.who is looking for a select few upscale gentlemen to give an unrushed sensual Swedish or deep tissue bodywork of a lifetime . I will transmit my happiness with energy to you through my skill and smile. let my eyes and smile tell you i am a psychologist .if you are upset when you see me I can help you be a happy person.Because I am a very brave ,diligent and sincere chinese girl,I have a lot of different experiences in my life . l love and respect my job! ---------------------------------------------I Pride myself on my trust worthness +caring touch. ---------you can count on complete satisfaction with me ----------------------------------------------------------When you look into my eyes, you will see a window to my happy soul which will help you relax away the day`s stress and anxiety.Come join me and I will take you to a wonderland that you have only dream of. Let`s share this warm feeling! ------------------------------------------------------------My spirit will soothe your cares away like you have never thought possible. -------------------------------------- I am one of a kind and I wish to use my skill to earn your respect. I believe I do not need to be young or sexy to be a masseuse. My kindness, energy and positivity is unique in manhattan. My life is filled with different colors and Im forever proud of my story. Because I belong to the American Dream, the beauty and the ugly side of manhattan, the kind and evilness. But it all doesn't matter, because in the end, we all go back to the arms of God and his forever garden of Eve.-- I think happy life comes from the best wishes and most beauty comes from inside. I know who I am. please don`t make appointments that you can`t keep. Hurting people means you have lost love and become passive.the lowest life form is one who won't keep his word ,The more ability you have, the more you can demand from life.----------------------------------------Be free from compunction and have a clear conscience. You can expect everything in your life.----------------------------------------- A happy person never depends on others for their happiness. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- How many people understand - if money can buy you happy with respect -its better waste time sit here to looking for a dream lover never comes true !!! ----------------------------------- people body need make Love without love -Make love is not love and true love must had the best make love ! The richest love is from the heart to the body you enjoy with respect ! I think I am also a therapist ! Life no take two - do you think (hard or better) Follow the rule !!! You can do anything you want but do not use and hurt others - our life from parents and return to parents - if you can't love your family forever, how true you can love others ?? . -----------------------------------If you are ever interested in me, -------------------------------------please keep and save this ad because it will save you time when you need to be happy and relax.-----------------------------------------every time you did paid love this is true love-- it is Love life and enjoy life , you should proud life have choice for love - because you are a America citizen - there is happy reason - you know what i mean -!-------------------------------------( I live Manhattan at 52st and 3rd ave ) -----------------------------Tips: always be humble it will improve your life .
Call or text at : 929-777-0321 No Email please !
If you no see me , please do not say me "crazy " ! Freedom has to pay high price ! Thanks for read my ads ------------------------------------------------------- Cheers !!! --------------------------------------------------πŸ’πŸ˜ŠπŸ’πŸŽπŸŽˆπŸ©πŸŽ†πŸ’πŸ“· famous Lindamai

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• Location: 52 st 3rd & hotel or Your home In / Out, Manhattan

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